Imagine Lot 450

New data can serve to broaden one’s perspective, or refine one’s focus.  Sometimes it can do both.  As a relative newcomer to Powell River, I was frankly perplexed when I saw clear-cutting operations underway and first heard the words “Lot 450“.

Like many others, I was dismayed to learn that Island Timberlands was in the process of cutting a large area of mature forest – in the heart of my newly-adopted town. Several questions sprang to mind:

Who  owns the land?

Where  exactly is all this going to happen?

What  the heck is a PRSCPMFLALR?  Millennium Park?

Why  clear-cutting and not some form of selective logging?

How  can a concerned citizen try to help maintain our urban forest?

Answers not being immediately forthcoming, I started looking for bird-nests.  And making maps.  And reading.  

I don’t have all the answers, and likely haven’t even asked all the right questions yet.
But I hope you may enjoy browsing these pages… and perhaps answer a few of your own questions in the process.

What this website is:
I built this website to provide a “shell” for historical data concerning “Lot 450“, and so provide context for both “The Yellow Ribbon Project” and “BirdnestingLot450“.  Mostly I just wanted to share some of the interesting things I’ve learned along the way. Fundamentally, it’s a reflection of one ecologist’s passion for science, statistics, forests, wildlife, history – and increasingly – Powell River.

What this website is not:
ImagineLot450 is not a “forum” – moderating comments takes time, and vehicles like Facebook offer better “real-time” opportunities for that – but PLEASE email me with corrections, data, and ideas.  Nor is this a fund-raising website (although having said that, there’s a “donations” box should you like my work and feel so inclined).

What this website will become
Don’t expect weekly updates here –  but Occasional Posts will continue as new data become available and as I find the time, means and inspiration to explore them.  If you bookmark this website because it provides accurate and useful information…then it’s serving its intended purpose.

I alone am responsible for omissions and errors.  Please help me fix them.

Andrew Bryant
31 December 2015

Landsat 8 approaching Powell River and Lot 450
Image of Landsat 8 courtesy of NASA. Orbital corrections by Andrew A. Bryant Services