Private Managed Forest Lands (PMFL) are forest lands other than those located in a tree farm licence area, a woodlot licence area or a community forest agreement area. See the Private Managed Forest Land Act for details and definitions.  The Act is administered by the Managed Forest Council, which presently consists of five people (a Chairperson, two “owner representatives” and two Government representatives).

The aim of the Act is to “encourage sustainable forest management & protect key environmental values on private managed forest land”.  It contains general provisions for ensuring soil conservation, water quality, fish habitat, critical wildlife habitat, and reforestation after harvest.  Some provisions are more detailed than others. Significantly, owners of PMFL lands are assured the right to harvest trees, unrestricted by local government bylaws.

Some have described this situation in unflattering ways, equating the situation with having industry-friendly “foxes guarding the hen coop”.   I recommend the short unpublished historical note by Doug Harris of the UBC Faculty of Law, and Carrie Saxifrage’s lively and well-documented piece.  Both contain valuable insights and are well worth reading.

Below is some of what I’ve learned about PMFL lands in the context of Lot 450.

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